A "SIDS" Legal Expert & Esteemed MD's Professional Opinion on Medical Examiner in Evee Clobes Case

Dr. Meehan's investigation and notable expert opinion into Dr. A. Quinn Strobl's role into the handling of the Evee Clobes case in 2019 was requested by Evee's mother and was used as one of the primary testimonies in the Minnesota Medical Board's 13-month investigation into Dr. Strobl's license. Dr. Meehan and his work are admired and praised in the medical community and is well-respected by legal professionals and the judicial system as an esteemed, credible legal expert. The use of this expert affidavit has not been exhausted, and could be expected in active and upcoming litigation.

Meehan Medical Examiner Misconduct in Evee Clobes Autopsy Case
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