Updated: Jul 19, 2020

This is Noah. ❤️ He is 21 months old. It should be known right away that Noah is a rainbow baby. 🌈

Noah's mother spent hours researching car seats, breastfeeding, and strollers as all of us mothers do... but not a single minute researching sǝuıɔɔɐʌ. In her mind, there was no way he wouldn’t receive them because it’s what you do to keep your children safe and healthy. "I had no idea how wrong I was", she says. 😌

Noah was born 👶 at 37 weeks 3 days at 5 lb. 15 oz. He was as a tiny peanut, but perfect. He received everything he was “supposed to”. Hep B & Vitamin K. "Life was blissful... for 4 days."

On day 5, she was nursing him when she looked at his face and noticed that his lips were blue. She pulled him off of her breast frantically, searching for a rise and fall in his chest, nothing. 😩 She sternum rubbed him and he gasped and cried. She called her husband at work and told him. He came home and she tried feeding Noah again. Boom. The same thing happened. They rushed him to the ER where the doctor seemed very hesitant to treat him! Ashley was asked 4 more times to try feeding him because they needed to “see” what happened. 😰 It happened each time. He was admitted to the NICU where they ran a battery of tests, but his only diagnosis was “apnea”.

They had 3 different people message my husband asking about the Hep B and said that it’s a side effect. It certainly is, parents. Read an insert, please. They asked one of the neonatologists and she had to ask where they were getting their info from!! They told her the CDC! She looked panicked and said she needed to do some research. She was the only one who ADMITTED his issues were a possible adverse reaction to the Hepatitis B shot. The other 2 neonatologists just told Ashley and her husband, “It happens sometimes”. 😑

He spent 11 long days in the NICU, and came home on oxygen. He was on oxygen for 6 MONTHS!! 😞 "We are blessed beyond measure that he is a happy and healthy little guy now."

When they got home from the hospital, Ashley dove into research, she joined Facebook groups, and she came across sweet Evee Clobes' story. Evee's story put my mind and heart at ease knowing our little would never be put in danger again.

I have personally told Ashley, that if she had fed him and laid him down, that apnea would've gone unnoticed, and he may not have made it. Apnea induced from shots are cytokines suppressing on the breathing center of a baby or child's brain, compromising it's ability to work properly. Apnea can turn into ǝuıɔɔɐʌ induced "SIDS" when a baby is sleeping and goes without oxygen for too long. This is on every insert and a FACT. 💔

I am so thankful that Noah is still here. 🙌 Ashley, thank you so much for sharing Noah's story with me. You are incredibly brave. Evee is smiling down as we speak because she saved yet another baby. 🙏 Surely Noah's story will now too. 💜 #𝕊𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕕𝔹𝕪𝔼𝕧𝕖𝕖

Pics below are Noah in the NICU, home on oxygen, and his happy, healthy self today. 💜💛💙

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