This is the handsome Mr. Liam! 😍 He is 2 weeks old, 3 on Monday. ❤️ Two of Liam's older sisters suffered from speech delay and several vaccine reactions. Unfortunately, at the time, Liam's momma, like so many other parents, believed her doctor when she told it was all normal. Liam's mother heard of Evee's story awhile ago, and started researching after that. Liam's mom stopped vaccinating another one of Liam's older sisters after her 4 month vaccines, and she is the healthiest of all 4 of Liam's sisters because of it. 💜 It's because of Evee's story that Liam is vaccine-free 🙌 and as perfect as can be, and his sisters will no longer be at risk to the many dangers of those toxic injections too many doctors push onto parents. Liam's mom, Tabitha, says "Thank you for everything you do to share awareness. I wish I had known all of this years ago. I would've never had any of my girls vaccinated. Our entire family (including many extended family members) are now vaccine-free as well! You have inspired me to share vaccine awareness every chance I can." 💛 God bless you, Tabitha, for hearing Evee's story, doing your research, and waking up to save your children. ❤️ You are an incredible momma!! 🙏 Evee will be watching over you, sweet Liam!! 👼 #SavedByEvee

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