V A X X E D was incredible. You can't watch it and turn a blind eye. V A X X E D 2 was painful.

You couldn't look at that girl, laying in her bed, passed on, and ever go back to what you once believed. I've seen that before, seen that livor mortis spotting in my beautiful child when I found her gone. It's haunting. I hope it sticks with every person who watched that movie last night.

That's what these injections are doing. They're maiming, and they are killing, they are destroying families, and they don't plan on stopping. But thank God, in doing that, they are creating an army to stop them.

These are some of "my women". The women who first told me "we believe you". The women who've protected me, calmed me, been there for me from the start. God bless these women and more.

Thank you Jenn B & Tia Severino for creating a place for Evee's memory inside of the

V A X X E D bus so she can be a part of it's history with all the other injured and lost.

"This is war. No time for fear." - Suzanne Humphries

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