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Justice for Evee Organization

We are in the process of founding the Justice For Evee Organization to help bring a voice to the voiceless. The babies who have passed away due to SIDS or “unexplained” causes following well-child visits. A voice for the families who are fighting, or unable to fight, for justice for their children who have been taken from them. 

Our mission is to raise awareness in several different areas:

  • SIDS is NOT a cause of death, Healthy Babies DO NOT Just Die

  • Vaccines currently cannot be implicated with current cause of death codes

  • Medical Examiners cannot, and will not properly investigate possible vaccine injuries

  • Raising funding, resources and support for families who have lost healthy children after their shots

We are committed to helping families, like Evee’s, find answers after the loss of their children. Answers will not fill their empty arms but having an “unexplained” infant death only leads to more grief. We want to help educate medical examiners on proper procedures to investigate deaths, bring attention to the lack of study in this area, and help point families towards resources to help with the burden of investigating. We don’t want any family to have to do this alone.

As a way to fund our mission, we have created shirts to remember Evee, as well as the sleeper pin. We have also put up billboards to raise awareness, generously funded by our communities, as well as stickers and yard signs.

#JusticeForEvee Sleeper Pin

"The pin is yellow, Evee’s color, to represent all babies who have passed away due to “unexplained” causes. The pink heart represents their memory of their sweet babies living on in the hearts of their parents, and everyone who knew and loved them."

The Sleeper Pins:

Many causes have a symbol that is instantly recognizable. Breast Cancer Awareness has their pink ribbon, Autism Awareness has a blue puzzle piece. SIDS will now have a yellow sleeper.

Evee passed away in her little, pink monkey sleeper. We created this pin as a symbol for Evee, as well as a representation of the parents who are left holding empty sleepers, without any answers.

The pin is yellow, Evee’s color, to represent all babies who have passed away due to “unexplained” causes. The pink heart represents their memory of their sweet babies living on in the hearts of their parents, and everyone who knew and loved them.

Evee's Mother's Story about the Sleeper:

“There was this sleeper Evee was wearing when she passed. It was a favorite, nice and easy to put on. They ripped it down the middle when they brought her in the ambulance, of course. In the hospital, the nurse came to me with this sleeper and asked me if I wanted to keep it and I snapped and said “No! Throw it away, I never want to see it again!”. I really regret that. 

Then a sweet stranger read our story and sent a gift in the mail with a note saying it was for the moments my heart longs to snuggle her. I bawled, uncontrollably, in my car at the post office. It was an exact replica of the sleeper I wish I would have kept. That sleeper haunts my thoughts everyday. Singing to my daughter and looking at her, thinking she was so “cozy”, still sleeping…… Saying her name, louder and louder, with more panic, because she wasn’t moving. Holding my baby, screaming to God to wake her up, screaming at the 911 operator to hurry, “I know she’s dead, oh my God, I know she’s dead” plays over and over in my head, watching the EMT run my daughter out to the ambulance, watching them cut that sleeper open and start compressions on her pale chest. 

But now I see this sleeper, new and clean, and it reminds me of the sleeper I used to put on my happy, beautiful baby. It’s not haunting to look at, and I’m so thankful I have it back. She’s wearing this sleeper, with gorgeous angel wings, up in Heaven.” 

– Catie Clobes  Evee’s Mom, Howard Lake, MN















 Following these posts on Facebook, another friend took this blessing a step further and worked with a company to fashion and fund a pin from a photo of the sleeper. Evee’s sleeper was pink but the pin is yellow & pink to represent all the boys and girls who have gone too soon. Sudden infant death syndrome is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old. It is the leading cause of death for that age bracket with more than 2,000 deaths in 2010, the last year statistics are unavailable. Unexplained. Undetermined. Unacceptable. Every family deserves answers.

Healthy babies do not just die.  There is always a cause of their death.  If the examiner can’t find it, they haven’t done the proper testing. As a society, we have been taught to accept that babies can just die in their sleep. Stop breathing.  This is not what is happening in their bodies.  They are not simply passing away, as the samples from Evee’s brain have shown.

Many parents are left wondering, “What if I had woken up? Could I have saved my baby?” In Evee’s case, according to a leading independent Pediatric Neuropathologist, waking up wouldn’t have made any difference.  The damage was irreversible. Even though there is nothing that can ease the suffering of a bereaved parent, knowing that their sleep was not what caused their child’s death is pivotal.

Instead of being supported by county medical examiners, who are prevented from investigating these cases further, parents who want further answers are left alone on a long, painful, and costly journey.


The Justice for Evee Organization will be dedicated to both raising awareness for more in-depth testing during initial autopsy, as well as providing families with resources for independent medical examiners and legal representation after their child’s unexplained death. We want to help families find answers, and to help them get justice. Justice for Evee, and for all of the other babies lost.

Evee Monkey Sleeper